Frequently asked questions

Can I buy a mixed box of 6?

Yes you can! We never insist that you need to buy the same 6 wines. Enjoy chosing different bottles.

Is there an minumim number of bottles that I can buy?

Actually no! But... We do offer a service on our premium wines (this will be clear on the wine's page) where a single bottle can be ordered. This will arrive in a specially designed box for single bottles. If you have chosen other wines that are not part of this special offer, for your benefit (to gain free delivery) we would suggest you order at least 4, preferably 6. These wines will be delivered in a 6 box (half case). It's better for the planet and less cost to you if you can reach the minimum spend to achieve free delivery. Note, we do not add delivery charges to the tasting packs as these can be delivered by regular mail channels and do not need a courier.

What if there is a problem with my order when I receive it?

We cover this on our delivery page, but if you have any concerns or questions, please email hello@Ruta40.com in the first instance.

Can I arrange for a bespoke Tasting Experience?

We are always hosting private, corporate and public events and love to do this. Please email Mark@Ruta40.com and he will talk you through the various options.

Would you be able to offer discounts on large orders of wine?

Potentially yes. We suggest if you want to order more than 36 bottles of wine contact Mark@Ruta40.com to discuss. He would be happy to!

Is your wine vegan friendly?

Some are but not all. We have catagorised these on the website and stated as such on the individual wine pages.

Why doesn't your wine give me a hangover?

Haha! Actually too much alcohol isn't recommended but these wines are LESS likely to give you a hangover as the grapes are grown in pest free environments using fresh Andes unpolluted water and away from heavily populated human cities. All our wines contain a limited amount of sulfites.This is standard across the industry.

Is your wine organic?

Currently our wine is not certified organic. It happens to be a very expensive and long winded process to gain this certification. Often this certification expense is then passed onto the consumer. The Andes is a unique environment where no pestisides are used, fresh water from the Andes mountains feeds the vines and the climtate is typically stable. There are few people living near these vineyards which cuts down on human pollution, so we consider our wines to be organic in everything but in name.